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Lilly Pulitzer Mobile Charger - Totally Blossom

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Refresh your style and recharge your tech with this compact mobile charger! Great for beach days when you have no way to recharge or I personally especially love to have one in my purse or backpack when traveling to DisneyWorld or other theme parks. They make great Christmas gifts for teens! 
  • Includes one charger and two charger cords
  • ABS plastic/metal/lithium battery
  • Imported

Includes a color coordinated USB to Apple lighting cable to charge Apple lighting compatible devices including most iPhones. Use your own cord to charge other phone. Design to charge phones (not laptops or tablets), the battery holds 3000 mAh and has indicator lights to show battery level at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Includes micro USB to charge the battery and the indicator light will stop flashing when the battery fully charged and ready to use.

Lilly Pulitzer Mobile Charger - Totally Blossom
Lilly Pulitzer Mobile Charger - Totally Blossom

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