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Rainbow Row Candle

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ladiessssss, if you love Glossier's famous scent - then you're going to LOVE "Rainbow Row" . Iris, Pink Peppercorn, Vetiver and it's absolutely divine....Yummy, sweet and oozes Summer!

Wax type is one of the most important components to consider in making candles.

I get asked a lot about coconut wax and why it’s so much better. Coconut Wax is made from cold-pressed coconut meat, just like coconut oil. It is a creamy white color and burns even longer and cleaner than any other wax. It also is organic and more eco-friendly to harvest. It burns cooler so it lasts longer, and it can hold a higher fragrance concentration than others. Although it is harder to find, and bit more expensive, and incredibly soft, another huge benefit of this amazing wax is that it can be used as a thick lotion. If you have dry, rough skin (elbows, knees) just rub some on like a moisturizer! You will smell amazing too.

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