another special birthday!

I know we've been talking about Sugar's 5th Birthday for weeks now yet in the midst of this wonderful month of celebrating, we are ecstatic to announce a surprise BIRTHDAY
 of one very special baby boy.

You've probably met Allison in the store or seen her modeling on our Facebook ads, postcards or print ads. She began working at Sugar four years ago while a student at Lander and has continued to help out as much as she can, even since teaching for the past three years. She has been a true blessing to me. I've celebrated her graduation, her wedding, and when she revealed she would be expecting a baby this year...well, the Sugar gals couldn't have been happier for her. We knew Allison & Jason would be the best parents (oh, and make beautiful babies. I mean seriously y'all, look at them...)

After much anticipation, Rhett Hamilton Beaty was born on Saturday, April 13th.
He is absolutely perfect!

Congrats to Allison & Jason!

...and suddenly life is now so much sweeter :)


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