5 Year Birthday Bash: Thursday Sneak Peek

Our 5 Year Birthday Bash is one week from today! 
Can you believe it? Aaaaah, we are so excited, you have no idea.

Make plans to come celebrate with us on Thursday, April 18th, April 19th and April 20th.

Each day from now until next Wednesday, we will share a "sneak peek" of our promotions, savings, and freebies that will be going on during the BIG EVENT. 

First up, everyone knows Sugar's biggest sales happen twice a year. 

1. our birthday celebration every April
2. Black Friday

SO, that means if you want to rack up on incredible savings THIS season, next weekend is the absolute time to come shop. We're pulling out items that have been in our back room because we literally had zero space for them on the sales floor. You'll find all seasons...Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
We're slashing prices up to 90% OFF. Most items will only be $10 and $20. 
It's going to be that easy and THAT good. Dresses, tops, denim and more. All at amazing prices. 

Hey and who doesn't love a great deal these days?

Oh and you can also shop online. We may not have all of our items online, but we WILL have additional markdowns beginning Thursday morning, April 18th, at 10am so online shoppers definitely check that out. 

The time to SAVE is next weekend, so don't miss it! 

We look forward to seeing you all then and keep checking our blog for more "sneak peeks" from now until then. Also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @scsugar for updates!

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