Christmas Wish List WINNER!


Better late than ever right? We were just waiting on the perfect time for Chelsey to come in and grab her prizes, as well as pose for a pic for us.

So how did Chelsey snag over $250 dollars worth of goodies from Sugar?

She simply made a Christmas Wish List. 

Yep, that's it. 

For a chance to win next year, just remember to come in - starting Holiday Open House Weekend (usually middle of Nov) - to make your wish list for "Santa"
This makes it SO easy for your friends and family to come in and shop for you. They will know the exact size and style you want, what jewelry you love to accessorize it, scarves, belts and more. You can put ANYTHING on the list and on Christmas Eve we randomly pick a winner out of the hat and MERRY MERRY - you win the top THREE most expensive items on your list. 

Wow, that easy.

We hope everyone had a special holiday season this year. New "Spring" shipments are arriving each day so head on over to be the first to preview. 

Also mark your calendars for Thursday, January 17th - our HUGE End of Season sale will begin
and trust us, you don't want to miss it.

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