Keyz Pleaz!

You know those days when you leave the grocery store with your hands full of bags [even though you went in needing *just a few* items] and maybe even a baby on your hip, only to find it's nearly pouring down rain and you're frantically thinking "Where in the world did I put my keys?" as you try to dig in your oversized pursed?

I think us women ALL have these days, all too often...
Well now there is an easy solution. You can find your keys in STYLE with
where fashion meets function
It looks like a cute bracelet , but it's actually a key chain with a security whistle. It easily goes on your wrists to hold your keys and leave you HANDS FREE so you can grab groceries, kids, the door at school, your books out of your locker, or even just enjoy a casual walk/exercise without needing to put them somewhere.
The elastic is guaranteed for a year and it is such a great gift for students, moms, teachers, and any busy woman on the go!
Available in turquiose, chocolate wood, black wood, garnet, red/black.


garnet/black with football charm [Carolina, Alabama, etc...]

orange/purple " " [Clemson, Auburn]

black/yellow " " [ Greenwood High, Georgia Tech, App State, etc...]

yellow/purple " " [Emerald High, East Carolina, etc...]

solid garnet [Abbeville High School, Carolina, etc...]

red/black [UGA]

More colors (navy for Lander and PC and green for Dixie High) are on the way...

Stop by today and pick one up for your teacher friends or students heading to college. We're sure you will find they are a lifesaver and it will save you from that dreaded question...

"Where in the world are my keys!?"

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