Spring Jackets

This is such a difficult time of year. No, we aren't talking about tax season either.

Oooooh how we lust over the new yummy Spring styles, anxiously waiting to snag one of those bright pieces of sunshine to shed light onto our closet. Yet, outside the forecast is cold, drab, and unfortunately just plain yucky. What's a girl to do? 

Snag a NEW Spring jacket to make those WINTER BLUES disappear! Sugar's new line, Luii {pronounced "Lou-ee"} is one of the hottest lines on the market with great price points and trendy, yet classic styles! They just arrived this week and we must say, these easy to wear pieces will jazz up your winter wardrobe in a heartbeat and carry you all the way to Summer. Wear now and wear later. Take a look!

Wear now over a red sweater, with a scarf and jeans. Wear later on a rainy Spring day over a super bright neon tank. {we love the Burberry-inspired plaid lining}
Wear now with a fun long sleeve tee, black pants, and fun heels. Wear later with white or navy pants, a crisp white blouse, gold jewelry, and nautical flats/sandals.
Wear now with skinny jeans, boots, and a fun top. Wear later on a rainy day over a little black dress or jeans and heels!
Wear now with jeans, bright turtleneck, and fun boots. Wear later with crisp white pants/capris and fun black or colored patent leather sandals or flats.

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