A to Zoe: Dream On

Introduction, from Rachel Zoe's "Style: A to Zoe"

" A life of glamour and style makes everything that much

more electrifying, that much more engaging" - rachel zoe

Coco Chanel

a fashion icon, full of glamour and style

A little background on Rachel:

After four year of college with a major in sociology and psychology, she went right into fashion working in Manhattan as fashion editor for YM magazine. After lots of hard work, she soon realized that she would become a stylist on her own, making in a week what she made at the magazine in a year. She already knew all of the teen celebs {thanks to YM magazine} , so she soon began styling the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson.

Four years into it, ready for the next challenge, Rachel headed west to LA, where it was a whole different game in the "marvelously manic world of Hollywood". She began styling such fabulous women as Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner, and Demi Moore just to name a few. She continues to style all of the hottest A-list celebs and her style has become iconic. She is the epitome of glam-our' and throughout her book will help others learn how you can incorporate easy, glamorous additions to not only your wardrobe, but your lifestyle.
"Success and happiness don't come through shortcuts.
I wanted to work hard and achieve my dreams myself"
-rachel zoe

Where to start:

Know thyself. honestly.

"It's best to focus on what you like about yourself and what's working for you. Remember, a good stylist is a master of illusion. If you've got great decolletage and arms, play those up. If it's your legs you love, then give those a showing instead. Color, proportion, and even your attitude can make a difference."

Create your own LOOK.

"The best part of creating style? Whether it comes to your personal look or the look of your home or a tabletop for a party, it's not permanent. It can be changed. Tweaked. Re-created"

"It's great to be inspired by others, but trying to be a replica of someone else never works. Be yourself. Don't copy, but do draw inspiration. Interpret it. Otherwise you risk being a fashion victim instead of someone with great personal style. And that's no way to make your mark."

"Some of the most stylish glamazons are living it up on a dime. They just know how to reinvent a look with a belt or by wearing their hair another way"

Five glamour essentials UNDER $50

red lipstick

black eyeliner {always with mascara}

great heels - the higher the better

faux fur shrug - even second hand

metallic clutch

Glamour is in the details.
"Another detail never to be overlooked is comfort. If I'm dressed in clothes that allow me to navigate my wild world without a thought of being uneasy or constrained - or downright unpresentable - I feel like me. Comfort nurtures confidence. Glamour should be effortless...or at least look it"
"Regardless of what the latest fashion trend is, if it doesn't look good on you - and empower you in a way that makes you feel great - then take a pass. Style is not a fashion. Style, on the other hand, is what defines you - the best of you, from your shoes to your sheets. It's there in the choices you make, in the quality of the things in your closet or home, and in the way you entertain or jet set on holiday. Whether it's something your glamorous neighbor told you or you read in a magazine over a dozen times over, deep down you know this. Now put it to practice...
and dream on."
all quotes are from "Style A to Zoe" by Rachel Zoe

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