Are you ready for some football?

Here at Sugar, we're HUGE college football fans and yes, this "house is divided" so we have plenty for both schools - Clemson AND Carolina. We also have plenty of pretty blue tops/dresses for PC fans! Check out these cute new styles that will make you the "belle of the ballgame" this week.

{Diane Dal Lago rhinestone tee! So cute!}

{Rhinestone Tee by Diane Dal Lago - this style is available in white short sleeve tee}

{Cute purple super soft rayon tunic by Karlie}

{cute orange top by Karlie! Only $29.99}

and FINALLY, this is "THE" dress for the first game this season. Designed and handmade by LK Designs {Lizzy and Kathryn} in Statesboro, GA - these dresses are SO unique and Sugar is the only boutique in SC that carries them. For less than $100 you can certainly be the belle of the ballgame in these cute collegiate colored dresses!

{above: Skirts are on the way and can be special ordered in garnet, black, orange, purple, or blue - all the colors of your favorite collegiate teams. If you have a different color you'd like, just ask and we'll try to get it in for you!}

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