What's Sizzling Hot for Spring 09

The best of beauty & fashion for SPRING 09. ( Feb. People Style Watch)

What's Hot ...

The New Bag - It's all about the relaxed hobo. Slouchier, the better.

The New Color - ORANGE. In any shade from sherbet to traffic cone. (Clemson fans, you're in luck)

The New Jean - Boyfriend fit jeans are still hot, but roughed-up, distressed skinny jeans are the new trend for Spring.

The New Lips - RED! It's right on trend and a fun alternative to the neutrals of Spring past.

The New Jewelry - "Statement Necklaces/ Bib Necklace" - The bib necklace is the latest incarnation, perfect with a white t-shirt or an LBD.

The New Print - FLORALS - You've got your pick of flower patterns. They run the garden gamut, from delicate Liberty-like prints all the way to larger artistic watercolor blooms.

The New Nail - Saturated flesh tone shades look fantastic on toes and have an elongating effect on hands.

The New Pant - Cropped trousers or harem pants(or MC Hammer pant if you would like to call them) are going to be all the rage. Wear them at night with a sexy top or during the day with a little jacket or long vest. (Karlie jersey harem pants, shown below, coming this month to Sugar!)

The New Color Palette - Neon. Think 80s and try putting lime green denim with a neon pink top - it's a fresh new burst of color for Spring.

The New Standout - Jumpsuits were all over the runways. If you're fashion forward and want to step out into a one-piece, pair it with heels to create the most flattering silhouette.

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