Black Friday 2020 :: what you need to know.


A year like none other requires a Black Friday like none other!

Friends, we have seriously racked our brains over the past few weeks trying to decide/plan the logistics of this year's Black Friday. 

As Covid cases rise in our area and announcements/schools/etc change daily, we've nearly had a new plan each week. Alas, we've finally decided on a plan that we feel is best to keep our staff safe and keep YOU safe. It's the only way to know exactly how many customers are inside the shop per hour.

We do not take Covid-19 lightly here at Sugar, as we just had a sweet customer lose her husband to Covid on Monday and our hearts are absolutely shattered for her and her family. Devastating. My husband's grandmother just got home from the hospital after testing positive and still needs continued prayers. We've had so many family members battle this vicious virus. 

All that being said, please know that safety, cleanliness and social distancing is our number one priority this Black Friday. We pray next year we can resume back to our normal Black Friday agenda, but for now here's what we're planning for Friday, Nov. 27th...

TA DA!!!!

 Sugar's Black Friday 2020 will be a TICKETED "event".

What does this mean? 

 - Each customer entering our door on Black Friday is required to have a $10 "Black Friday One Hour Shopping Pass" for a particular hour. These will be available for purchase on our website beginning this Saturday, November 21st at 10am. An email reminder will be sent that morning, so be sure you're on our email list!

We will have a list of all "hourly" reservations at the door and y'all, this will truly be an exclusive VIP experience for all. We've all had enough stress this year, why not make Black Friday STRESS FREE and even better, a relaxing VIP experience filled with complimentary gift wrap, free #sugswag, mimosas and more...all with your besties!

**TIP TO ENSURE YOU GET A TICKET OR ENTIRE TIME SLOT :: Make sure you're logged in on our site prior to tickets going on sale at 10am. Also make sure your CC is linked / saved in your account and/or PayPal for faster checkout! Just because the tickets are in your cart does not mean they're yours (that always applies to physical products as well). You MUST complete checkout to ensure the tickets are yours. You will then receive a confirmation email! **NO PHYSICAL TICKET WILL BE MAILED OR NEEDED FOR ENTRY. Again, we will have a list of names at the door!

So here's the details:

Why do I have to pay $10 to shop and what does this $10 get me? 

- your $10 One Hour Shopping Pass not only serves as a "placeholder" for your reserved one hour shopping experience , but also grants you the following:

1. One Hour access to shop the deepest discount Black Friday sales we've EVER HOSTED. We've got 1000s of sale items, y'all and guess what? They're ALL GOING TO BE $20.20. NO, WE ARE NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIS THE YEAR!!!!

We're pulling out everything. All seasons. Usually we only have room for one or two seasons of sale items, but by limiting the amount of customers in the store Black Friday, that gives us opportunity to set up as many racks and tables as possible and give you more variety. So insanely excited about this!

2. One hour access to shop exclusive new arrivals that won't be available online. We're talking NEW styles of all of your favorite brands + exclusive promos on NEW. Lots of fun surprises for sure! 

We plan to even add NEW ARRIVALS all throughout the day so that if you have a 5pm time slot to shop, you have the same experience as the 9am time slot!

3. #sugswag SWAG BAG full of fun promotional items (think fun holiday Sugar cups full of your favorite Sugar chapstick we've done in the past with a holiday twist, samples of some of our favorite holiday products, exclusive coupons to use on future orders and so much more. We're really going all out with these and by knowing exactly how many will attend, we will not run out!) The value of our swag bags will be approximately $50+ each. YES! and they're FREE with any purchase on Black Friday!!!!!! 

4. a VIP shopping experience that's less stressful and complete with personal styling, minimal or zero dressing room lines, style recommendations, and more...

5. Shop stress-free while sipping mimosas, coffee and more. Oh and sweet treats too! 

6. Enjoy complimentary gift wrap. Yes! Most Black Fridays we can't offer gift wrap because of the amount of customers in the shop to staff ratio. This year we will have plenty of gals on hand to wrap your Christmas gifts and check off your list! We'll also have "grab and go" gift bundles that you'll see this weekend at Holiday Open House. Again, our goal is to simplify your shopping this year because we all know 2020 has been stressful enough!  

 *What if I can't get by to shop on Black Friday or I don't want to purchase a VIP one hour shopping pass? 

- No worries, friends! First of all you can shop ALL of our sale items online at beginning at 9am Black Friday and they'll remain LIVE through Cyber Monday at midnight. That's right! All weekend you can simply shop from home, right there in your pjs on the couch while eating leftover turkey :) 

- Also, we will have all of our sale items out in the shop on Small Business Saturday (open 10-4pm) and Cyber Monday too (open 10-6) You can stop by any of those times, without reservations or shopping passes (we may limit to 10 customers in the shop at a time and also note masks are still required city-wide in Greenwood). 

-If passes go fast and you don't get a spot, again NO WORRIES as all sale will be online and there's several days to shop. This system is really just like Disneyworld's Fast Passes they would have and now park reservations. There must be a system in place to make sure a certain amount of people are in the shop at any given time. 

We promise your $10 will be MORE than worth it for this one hour VIP shopping experience. Text your girlfriends, round up a group and if you purchase all ten in one hour then you truly have a VIP shopping experience with your besties. The entire store all to yourselves! How SWEET is that? Tell them to Venmo you their $10 ticket price. This is 2020, y'all. Make it easy!

So yes, friends make plans and GET. YOUR. TICKETS. Also read the Black Friday RULES below and feel free to email us at with further questions. 


**only 10 tickets/spots will be available per hour time slot, beginning at 9am and technically we'll be open until 7pm since 6-7pm will be the last time slot.

**Masks are required at all times when shopping inside the store

**NO REFUNDS on your shopping pass tickets unless you have been exposed or tested + for Covid-19 , please email us at in advance. 

**If you switch your ticket with someone else/ gift your ticket to someone/sell your ticket to someone please notify us via Instagram DM or as they're name must be on the list up front when you enter.

**ALL purchases of sale items are FINAL (aka all of the $20.20 sale items are FINAL SALE)

**ONLY new arrivals/regular priced items purchased on Black Friday items CAN be returned within 15 days for store credit or exchange only)

**Black Friday One Hour Shopping passes can ONLY BE PURCHASED online directly through our website. We can not check out inside the shop. No DMs, emails, text, etc... The only way for our system to properly receive your one hour reservation is through our e-commerce website at 

**NO OTHER COUPONS or DISCOUNTS can be combined with Black Friday savings. We will only allow customers to use their "loyalty points" that they've accumulated. No % will be taken off as discounts will already be extreme.

**Also please note we will sanitize the shop between all hourly time slots! 


Stay safe and stay sweet, friends


Sandi & the Sugar gals

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