"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy
not fighting the old, but on building the new" - socrates

what a blessing it's been to have all of you new friends join along and shop small with us over the past few years! 

when I say this little boutique is a dream come true, I mean it. Every single online order, every single customer who darts our doors - you bring a smile to my face and a happy dance in my heart. We love that we're growing and we can not thank you enough!

with big growth, comes big change. we've noticed a  few  "growing pains" over the past few years and knew we wanted to tackle them before the busy Spring 23' season. St Patty's, Easter, The Masters, Spring Break, teacher appreciation, graduation, and more... it's one of my favorite seasons of the year.

So here's a few things we've implemented this week to make your shopping experience even SWEETER this year: 

1. faster checkout barcode scanners in place and we're ready to click, click, click and not search, search, search while you wait! Fast, efficient and this will hopefully reduce error of sizing in store , so our ONLINE inventory stays perfect! 

2. new payment solution | Apple Pay, Tap to Pay, any kind of pay... we accept it all now! A much quicker, easier payment solution is now in place at the shop, saving you precious time. 

3. the ultimate Sugar gift cards are HERE | eeeek, I'm probably most excited about this one. No more bulky postcards to keep up with, but you must keep up with the new sleek gift cards because we won't be keeping up with gift cards / balances and store credits in store. Everything will be digital from our new gift cards to QR codes we can print/email. Easy. Simple. Convenient. 

4. new launch day and time | yep, change your alarms ladies! Move over TGIF, it's now TGIT... Thank God It's Thursday, yall! We are going to test out moving our "New Weekly Arrivals" launch to Thursday evenings at 8pm. This gives you gals a chance to cozy up at home with your favorite drink and shop all of the links that we can provide quicker, no pauses and we even go LIVE, etc... Gives you a chance to plan out your weekend looks, order online and it will be ready for you in store for pickup on Friday morning. Also allows us to dedicate all of our attention to our sweet in-store customers on Friday mornings. A win/win for all! 

We're also making changes to our website for easier navigation and curated collections for all of your Spring events, so keep checking back. We're so excited to welcome a new month, a new season and beyond blessed to celebrate 15 years in beautiful Uptown Greenwood. More details coming soon...

Stop by and experience a new way to shop at our little corner of happy or you can always shop 24/7 online at with FREE SHIPPING on all orders $100+

Thank you again for shopping small and BRING ON MARCH!

Let the fun begin...

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