GAMEDAY 2020 :: let's get ready to TAILGATE!

 a gameday collection like none other for a year like none other.
one thing's for sure - we're ready to party whether it's at home tailgates in our living room or outdoors. Here's some of our favorites...

the team I'm cheering for on Saturdays : USC GAMECOCKS!!!

FAVORITE TAILGATE FOOD : 3 Ingredient Corn Dip 

Y'all I'm such a "dip girl" and could live off appetizers. This recipe is insanely easy and my go-to when I just need something quick!

1 can ROTEL


1 can whole kernel corn (the sweet white niblets are great - use two of those small cans) 

throw in small crockpot or baking dish and bake, then top with cheese at the end and melt. Serve with favorite Tostitos. Yummmmmy.

FAVORITE GAMEDAY 2020 STYLE : hands down, the corded sweatshirt 

we brought in the lightweight corded sweatshirts back in May and customers have absolutely loved them ALL. SUMMER. Yes, even in Summer bc they're so lightweight and even look great with shorts. Especially going forward with Fall, these are must. haves. Love the "When's Halftime" and this is a style you can even wear well into 2021 for the Super Bowl!

the team Sydney's cheering for on Saturdays: USC GAMECOCKS!!!!

 Sydney's Favorite Tailgate Food: Cowboy Caviar

Click the link above for the recipe, but this is a great one - especially for those hot tailgates. I's chilled, light and refreshing with your favorite chips!

 Syd's also a fan of the corded sweatshirts and absolutely loves them! Also this tee is her fav since 1. it's so insanely yummy soft and 2.  it's easy to pair with garnet for her beloved GAMECOCKS

Next up, Mabry...

the team Mabry's cheering for on Saturdays: CLEMSON TIGERS!!

(Mabry is currently a sophomore at Clemson)

Mabry's Favorite Tailgate Dish : buffalo chicken dip 

click the link above for recipe. this is also a great dish for those on a low carb diet, since you can pair with celery sticks.

Mabry's favorite gameday 2020 style : BuddyLove's Amy Dress | Raja

Being a student, Mabry attends every home game and loves to tailgate in STYLE. This is such a fabulous dress you can dress down with sneakers or dress up with white or black booties. So many options! 

Next up, Emma...

the team Emma's cheering for on Saturdays? USC GAMECOCKS!!!

Favorite Tailgate Dish : a good ol' CFA Nugget Tray

(and I want to go to whatever tailgate Emma is at! ha)

Emma's favorite 2020 gameday style : BuddyLove's Watson Tie Dye Cropped Tee that says "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TAILGATE" 

because she's a big fan of tie dye + high waisted flares and even though this isn't exactly Gamecock garnet, it's still such a fun gameday or any day tee!

Lastly, we've got our high school gal Sudie...

the team Sudie's cheering for on Saturdays : CLEMSON TIGERS!

 favorite tailgate dish : pigs in a blanket 

always a fan favorite!

her favorite 2020 gameday style: Easy Tiger Tee 

great tee to cheer on her Tigers and it's under $30 bucks.

and if you want to listen to our favorite gameday jams, check out our GAMEDAY Spotify playlist HERE.

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in to our INSTAGRAM LIVE. Couldn't have done it without our awesome Sug gals and we look forward to planning another one next month when we fun launch Halloween/Fall tees

stay tuned for even more gameday styles arriving weekly, but you can


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