quarantine thoughts + updates too!


Yes, friends it's true. We are reopening Friday and ready to see YOU!

Not comfortable with coming in the store to shop? No problem. We certainly only want you to shop how you feel most comfortable. 

We will continue to provide FREE SHIPPING over $50+ orders online and you can always select "LOCAL PICKUP" for curbside pickup. Simply give us a call, 864.229.6322 once you're out front and we will bring it out to you.

NEW ARRIVALS LAUNCH FRIDAY MORNING at 10AM, in store and online!


We know it's a busy month with Mother's Day and those wanting to buy/send teacher gifts. Stay tuned for our Motherhood collection and more "mom themed" gift sets. If you haven't browsed all of our fun "Spoonful of Sugar" gift boxes, CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

Also, here's a fun calendar to remind everyone of what's going on this month!


When I think back over the past 30+ days that our storefront has been closed, here's what I've experienced...

(*Kayla and I have alternated days that we were at the shop so someone could go in to ship online orders, prep new merchandise, take photos, etc... While we have continued to work, we have had very limited time at the shop)

1. a deeper connection to customers and vendors. It's true! So we haven't been able to wrap our arms around you all, give hugs and see you in the shop but yet I feel as if I've had more time to scroll through customer's posts on social media and comment, connect. With social media being our main source of connection, we've messaged back and forth with SO many of you. It's been nice to get to know even more of you through social media and provide a customer service experience on more of a one-on-one basis!

As for our vendors, they've hosted LIVES on Instagram, where we've seen a sneak peek of their home life and felt just like we were part of the fam. They've opened up their arms and hearts to us, providing us with reassurance in time of crisis. It's truly been awesome to see everyone working together for the greater good. I love our Sugar fam and our retail fam. There's nothing like it and we LOVE staying in touch with YOU through social media, texts, phone...all of it...if you don't yet feel comfortable stopping by the store to shop.

2. soaking up precious family time. Kayla (store manager) and I have both certainly soaked up previous time with our sweet boys. I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old , while Kayla has a toddler that will soon be three in June! During our busiest retail times such as Christmas,  we both work ourselves to the absolute max to provide the best customer shopping experience + more hours to shop for our sweet customers. All that being said, the down fall is when our boys ask why we have to go to work again.... on Saturdays, on Sundays. Easter weekend is also one of our busiest weekends of the year since combined with Sugar's birthday weekend each year.

This year it was so refreshing to wake up on Easter morning, not exhausted and sluggish from working 50+ hours the week before. I stayed in pjs all day, cooked, we ate, we worshiped through our online church service and we snuggled. It's times like these I wouldn't trade for anything in the world and I'm so incredibly thankful. This "quarantine" has been a blessing in that it has allowed us to slow down (I'm the first to admit I'm quite the workaholic) and soak in these moments that we often skim over or are too "busy" to truly enjoy. 

3. finally working on nagging to-do lists. We've also had the opportunity to get so much done at the store during the time we haven't been opened. For weeks.... (ok, months!) I put off the daunting task of organizing our sale boxes. So. much. inventory that needed to be sorted through piece by piece (literally, hundreds of items) and organized by vendors with lists of what's inside each box. It may have taken me about two weeks but by gosh, I conquered it! We've got all of our sale items (excluding Winter styles) up on the site and it's been so much easier to fulfill your sale orders. 

From now until Friday, I have some exciting updates to make to our storefront. We plan to clean everything from top to bottom. I'm also using an air purifier in the shop at all times! Everything will be fresh, new and sparkling clean. Can't wait!


In closing, I know everyone just has a greater appreciation of life during this pandemic. So thankful for our health and praying for the health of others, those who have lost loved ones to these vicious virus and those who are fighting daily on the front lines to heal and protect. Such unthinkable crazy times, but again I'm so thankful for understanding customers and the love and support you all have shown us.

We will continue to take this day by day. While our doors will now be open and you can come in to try on styles now, just remember things are far from "being back to normal". So many of our vendors across the country are having a hard time getting goods to us. Also, with daycares and schools closed it may be more difficult for Kayla and I to be there at all times. We have a few college gals who are home and graciously willing to work as well! They are sure to take such good care of you too and continue to follow all cleaning/sanitizing procedures. 

Again, thank you ALL for shopping with us. Sending big virual hugs to each and every one of you. Stay safe, take care and God bless! 



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