the leopard jacket everyone needs.

Your favorite all weather jacket is back , now in a classic leopard print with stunning gold hardware. If you're a leopard lover like us, you simply can not miss this one! You'll enjoy this jacket for years and years to come...

Here's five reasons why we love the Provence Jacket - Leopard: 

1. classic, timeless leopard print. remember, leopard is a neutral as far as we're concerned.

2. stunning gold hardware that elevates the entire look and makes it "not just another rain jacket" (also comes with extra buttons just in case)

3. hidden hood in the zippered collar + zippered POCKETS

4. tabbed sleeves can be worn as a full long sleeve jacket or tabbed to 3/4 sleeve + cinched elastic waist is insanely flattering!

5. lightweight, all weather fabrication that's perfect for Fall days when it's not quite cold yet but you definitely need a jacket.


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