The Fashion We Crave: Top 10 Fall 2016 Trends

 What's trending for Fall 2016?? We're making it easy and compiling a list of our Top Ten Favorites that we are craving here at Sugar this season!

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Ok, chambray button ups have been a crucial part of wardrobes for several seasons now. If you haven't snatched one up by now - let me grab your precious face with my hands and beg you to please. buy. one. now. This is the season. This is the time. We can assure you it's the best money you've ever spent as it will be one of the most versatile (if not THE most versatile) piece in your closet. If you've got black skinnies and tan boots? Boom. You've got an outfit a la Pinterest. Easy. Wear it with colored skinnies. Wear it with shorts. Tuck into a skirt. Wear over a tank. Layer under a sweater, cardigan, etc... You seriously need. NOW.

Karlie Favorite Chambray Button Up 


Ok, so last year you caved and purchased a fur vest. **clap clap** GOOD! This year, let's take that even further with "statement furs". That's right ladies, make a STATEMENT with those faux fur pieces. Here's a sampling of what's on order to arrive next month at Sugar. We LOVE animal print fur coats and there's so much more where this come from. Whether it's a printed fur or just a fun color, dare to take it to the next level and go bold!


Yep. Can you believe it? They're BAAAAACK! We will have several "accessory" choker pieces in the store, but for those who are scared to re-live their 90s past with a true choker necklace...why not try the "choker trend" with a fun choker style dress like this one by Karlie? We will have more like this coming soon - dresses, tops, etc... it's an easy way to add just a touch of this trend! 


In our opinion, the top two colors of Fall because we couldn't choose just one. Olive is EVERYWHERE and oh-so-gorgeous. Suede dresses, skinny denim, fun silk blouses. You'll find this shade all throughout the store in so many versions. The same with merlot (same as marsala - 2015 Pantone Color of the Year) and it is definitely favored by our Carolina Gamecock fans! 

 Karlie Macie Dress


Who doesn't love ruffles? OMG. So feminine. So chic. It's a fun way to add a little "oooh-la-la" to drab Fall styles. We love this new off the shoulder suede dress with ruffle detail by Karlie (Roxanne Ruffle Dress). Talk about combining three trends in one? Triple threat!!!!!! 


Ya betta jump on this trend asap. It's here to stay. Rompers were big for Spring/Summer and jumpsuits are big for Fall/Winter. We have so many options in the store right now. Whether it's our silk Taylor Jumpsuit by LaRoque (shown here) or our Karlie Jump Back in Time Culotte Jumpsuit, we've got options for every shape, every event and every budget.

 Taylor Jumpsuit by LaRoque


Fringe is EVERYWHERE. We've had fun fringe cardigans and now a great pocket wrap with fringe detail that you NEED. 

and you're going to see fringe on a loooot of shoe options. you NEED a fringe shoe. Whether a bootie, a boot, there's so many options. Just make sure you have a little fringe near your toes. I snagged these from Blossom Shoes & Such this year and I'm obsessed.


Luscious. Yummy. Can't keep your hands off of it - suede. Whether it's a fun fringe suede cardigan (which we had by Jade and it FLEW out!) or a great shift dress. There's a lot of suede arriving at Sugar on a weekly basis this Fall. Its a super easy trend to try and buy!

Karlie Mandy Suede Shift


Hot. Hot. Hot. You know we loooove a good animal print. Cheetah. Leopard. Zebra. Now, we introduce to you - snakeskin. It's been around for a while, of course, but this season it's an absolute must. We've got so many fun printed snakeskin tops and great dresses on the way too! Another super easy trend to incorporate into your closet this season!

Karlie Strike Back Tunic 


Tan shoulders or not, you're still going to want to continue showing those shoulders this season ladies. It's a sexy way to easily jazz up your wardrobe and is so flattering and just FABULOUS. Again, so many different options in store - whether dresses or tops, we've got you covered!

 Back in Black Dress

even more Fall trends we absolutely love, have in stock right this second and think they are also must haves for 2016:

Fall florals : such as dresses like this one

Leopard prints : I mean, this is a given for us. Try a great silk leopard dress like this one.

Plaid flannels: So yummy. Layer under vests. Wear as is with your favorite denim and boots. Check out the new ones from Lauren James.

Colored Denim: long gone are the days of just your basic denim blues. We like bold hues like this olive by Citizens of Humanity or a rich purple by Articles of Society.

Anorak Jackets: we DIE over these and think they are an absolute must on your Fall 16 Wish List. So much so that we should have added it as number 11 on this list. Our new Ciao Milano jackets are already flying off the racks, so you need to stop by and see what all the hype is about. Trust. us. 

Sheila Fajl hoops: a new line we are carrying at Sugar and AAALL the rage with the college gals this season. Have no fear, we're selling to high school gals all the way up to your grandmother's age. They are perfect for ALL AGES and 18k gold plated over nickel free brass handmade in Brazil. Can you say #1 Christmas present? We thought so.

Stop by and let us help you style new Fall 2016 trends with items you may already have in your closet. It't not about purchasing an entire new Fall 2016 wardrobe, yet incorporating new trends little by little to spice up what you've already got.

New Fall styles arriving daily. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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